Colerain Community Park

The Colerain Township Community Park was established in 1979 with the help of federal funds to purchase land in the center of Kirkwood from Ray & Sandy Steen.  The park is used extensively throughout the summer for family picnics, reunions and gatherings. The park is located at 36 Buttermilk Lane, Kirkwood, PA  17536.  If you would like to make a reservation to use the park, please contact the Secretary at the Township office at 529-2570.

The reservation fee is $ 50.00 and some folks generously donate a little extra. The reservation fee covers the use of the pavilion only, the rest of the park will be open to the public. We do rent out the ballfield to local teams so it is best to call ahead if you would like to use the ballfield.

There are restrooms located in the small building and also a porta-pot next to the pavilion.

A trash bag will be placed in the cans for you but you must take your trash with you.

Please see the Rules and Regulations drop down bar under Park on the home page.