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Colerain Township currently has 62 miles of roads to maintain, some still dirt. We also have State maintained roads in the Township. If you have a concern, please note whether or not the road in question is Township or State maintained. If the road is not on the list below then call the Road Master, Butch Stringer at 717-803-6159. If it is on the State maintained list,  please call Lancaster County Maintenance at 717-299-7621. Please be sure to have the closest street number available for the operators. The state crew that will come down are usually people that do not live around here and they will want a street address. It is also very helpful if you can give as much detail as possible. Example: Is the tree down across the whole road or just partial? Is there a lane open?

Also, if you live in Rice Acres Development be aware that the Township does not maintain Edna Lane; the Developer is responsible for all maintenance and snow removal as the road was not dedicated.

State Roads in Colerain Township

Bell Road
Georgetown Road
Kirkwood Pike
Maple Shade (East Side)
Noble Road
Pumping Station Road
Puseyville Road
Spruce Grove Road

Watobri Lane is a private drive