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Below is some information you may find valuable; taxes are listed first (sorry!) because we get a lot of questions about our taxing system from new residents. I hope this information is easy to understand and helpful. Please call Carmen, the Township Secretary if you have any questions or concerns.


In March you will be billed from the County and Colerain Township, or better known as The Spring Taxes

To calculate your tax, multiply your assessed value times the amounts for each entity.
I have used $ 100,000.00 as an example.
Lancaster County Tax Mil is 2.911 $ 100,000.00) x .002911= $ 291.10
Colerain Township Municipal Tax Mil is .518 $ 100,000.00 x .000518 = $ 51.80
Colerain Township Per Capita Tax- This is a head tax at $ 10.00 per persons 18 years and over up to 80. Disables folks are exempt.

In June you will be billed from the Solanco School District for Property Tax or better known as The Fall Taxes

Solanco School District Tax Mils are 12.1296 $ 100,000.00 x .0121296 = $ 1,212.96
Total Real Estate Tax with County, School and Municipal is 15.56 Mils or .01556 plus Per Capita
*Please note the number of zeroes in front of each number before you multiply.
PA State Sales Tax is 6%.
PA State Income Tax rate is 3.07%
Solanco School District Local Tax is 1.65%


If you find a stray dog please call the Dog Warden, Megan Horst.  Colerain Township does not currently handle catching or holding animals. Ms. Horst's number is 717-418-0284.

Colerain Township Supervisors hold one monthly meeting that is open to the public. The first Monday at 7:00 P.M. unless otherwise advertised in the LNP News.


Kirkwood Post Office is located at 1713 Kirkwood Pike right in the Village of Kirkwood. The phone number is 717-529-2016.