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County and Municipal or Township
In March you will be billed from the County and Colerain Township in one bill. These bills are better known as the "Spring" Taxes. The elected Tax Collector Judy Beiler collects this tax.

To calculate your tax, multiply your assessed value x millage rate for each entity. 

I have used an assessed value of $ 100,000.00 as an example below.
Lancaster County Tax Millage is 2.911 so multiply $100,000.00 x .002911= $ 291.10
Colerain Township Tax Millage is .518 so multiply $ 100,000.00 x .000518= $ 51.80
Per Capita

Colerain Township also has Per Capita Tax- this is a head tax at $ 10.00 per persons 18-80 years old. Disabled persons are exempt, but you must supply the Township with proof of disability.   The elected Tax Collector Judy Beiler collects the current year bills and Berkheimer Tax Administration collects the overdue Per Capita. 
Real Estate
In June you will be billed from the Solanco School District for Real Estate or Property Tax. These bills are better known as the "Fall" Taxes. The Solanco School District Collects these taxes. 

Solanco School District Tax Millage for 2023-2024 is 12.1296 so multiply $ 100,000.00 x .0121296= $ 1,212.96. Click here for more information and how to pay these taxes. 

For the year all of the Mils add up to 15.56 or .01556 plus Per Capita for Colerain Township.
Local Income Tax
The local tax for Solanco School District is 1.65%.  If you live in Colerain Township but work in another School District, please let your employer know what the rate is. Local Tax goes by where you live not where you work.
State Income Tax
PA State Income Tax Rate is 3.07%
State Sales Tax
PA Sales Tax Rate is 6%