Zoning Officer

Joe Chrisman of MAC Resources is responsible for the issuance of building permits and inspection of construction sites.  If you are contemplating any improvements or alterations to your home, property, or business, contact Joe at the Township Building to discuss your plans and determine if any permits or approvals are required by the township.  We recommend this before spending large sums of time, effort, and money on formal plans.  Joe also assigns house numbers.

Building Permits are required by the Township for new structures, some of which are storage sheds, greenhouses and tobacco drying sheds. They are also needed for remodeling and renovations as well as sign installation, highway occupancy and septic systems.

Specific questions regarding building permits, etc. should be directed through the Zoning Officer, Joe Chrisman. He can be reached at the Township Building Mondays 12-4 and Thursdays 8-12 at 717-529-2570. All others are by appointment; he can also be reached at 610-721-2561. Joe's email address is jchrisman@macinc.consulting